Sheraton Amsterdam Airport had a fun promotion last week, they operated a small “club lounge” in the terminal of Schiphol Airport. They did this to bring some attention to their newly renovated Club Lounge.

“Sheraton Club, Make yourself at home in our redesigned Dutch-inspired Club Lounge when you book a Club Room. Discover an even larger space than before, with upholstered chairs and wooden lounge tables creating a relaxing environment. Treat yourself to breakfast in the morning and in the evening choose from a varied selection of hors d’oeuvres and drinks, changed daily throughout the week.” Source Sheraton Amsterdam Airport.

I went to Amsterdam Airport specifically to check out their Pop-Up lounge, and to participate in an Instagram promotion they had on at the time. You had the chance to win up to 30.000 Starpoints. I did not win, but it was a fun experience nontheless, and kudos to the Sheraton.

They were serving some amuses and a fizzy drink to any traveler wanting to stop by.